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Røde Møllevej 4

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Rebildcentret is an activity center and a center for distributing knowledge about nature and culture.

Rebildcentret has special focus on the topics CHALK, SOURCE, ART and COLD WAR – and is located in the beautiful surroundings of Rebild Bakker.

Associated with Rebildcentret is Thingbæk Kalkminer (Limestone), where you can take a walk “underground" in the old cave. Thingbæk Kalkminer is the only sculpture museum in the world, that take place in a limestone - here you can see original sculptures created by Anders Bundgaard, Carl Johan Bonnesen and other artists.

Thingbæk Limes are also known to house a various number of bats at winter time. Typically, the bats arrive in October-November where they hibernate and then leave the limestone again in March-April. When they go to sleep, you can see the 500-900 bats hanging under the ceiling of the limestones - some of the bats hide in the small cracks of chalk in the mine.

In Rebildcentret you can also visit “The Witch's Workshop”, where the only executive witch in Denmark; Dannie Druehyld – has her “office”. Meet the witch on selected dates and hear some of her stories about ancient wisdom and about herbs and herbal medicine.


Røde Møllevej 4

9520 Skørping

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